Wind Secure was founded by Jesse Tarr 2007 with a focus on protecting wind turbine
foundations from corrosion.

Fast forward over a decade later, Wind Secure now holds multiple patents & has helped to establish the industry best practices for foundation inspections, maintenance and repairs.

Jesse has authored AWEA’s O&M Best Practices RP 401 for Foundation Inspection, Maintenance & Base Bolt Tensioning Procedures. He was also given cover mention for his article in North American Wind Power in June 2016. He has given multiple Podium & Poster Presentations to the industry through AWEA events, and was featured in Dbusiness Magazine’s 30 in their 30’s in September 2016. An avid supporter of renewable energy, Jesse is focusing his life’s work on helping renewables succeed.

“One day I was on site during construction & noticed significant corrosion on the anchor bolts. That was pretty much my ‘ah ha’ moment” says Jesse. “I thought this is a major concern here. This wind turbine isn’t even operating yet, and the anchor bolts are already this corroded? I thought there has to be a better way”

Foundation Services

As Wind fleets age the integrity of their foundations becomes critical. Since 2007 we have been setting the industry standard for ensuring foundations functional longevity on operating wind sites. With our patented products and services, we offer solutions that have proven to withstand the test of time. Wind Secure’s products, services & data delivery are the most accurate & proven solutions for ensuring your foundations long term health.

Up-Tower Services

From Torque Checks to E.O.W Inspections and everything in between, Wind Secure’s up-tower services come with the quality of work, attention to detail, & data delivery you’ve come to expect from us. If you need a hand with anything up-tower, we have a fantastic team of qualified technicians eager to help.


We have invented and patented our process for extrapolating "As found anchor bolt tension." Patent #8584430

Wind Secure has been published in AWEA's Operations and Maintenance Recommended Best Practices:
Foundation Inspections, Maintenance and Base Bolt Tensioning Procedures

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